Affirmators! Original: 50 Affirmation Cards Deck Affirmators Original Cards to Help You Help Yourself without The Self-Helpy-Ness (50 Cards)

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Even pessimists like a little positivity, so comedian Suzi Barrett created Affirmators inspirational-but-not-cheesy affirmation cards. Providing the fun of a horoscope with a little less woo-woo, and full of positive affirmations, this whimsical box will help you help yourself, no shamanistic consult required! Cheer up gift for anyone seeking a little self-help (without the self-helpy-ness). 3.75 x 5 inches; 50 cards, plus instruction card. Conceived and written by Suzi Barrett. Knock Knock is an independent maker of clever gifts, books, and whatever else we can think up. Our mission is to bring humor, creativity, and smarts to everyday life. Put the fun in functional with #knockknockstuff.
50 Cards, each 3.75 x 5-inches, plus instruction card
Affirmation cards as a part of your daily self care routine can be truly transformational. Explore how fans take their Affirmators! out of the box and into the universe in the reviews below!
Looking for spiritual gifts for women pals? 4 out of 5 oracle card decks agree: Affirmators! illustrated unicorn cards are the stress relief gift of women seeking a bit of self care without the woo-woo
Conceived and written by Suzi Barrett, illustrated by Naomi Sloman and published by Knock Knock
List Price: $16.49

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