AMMZON Pedal Exerciser, Fitness Electric Mini Exercise Bike, Electric Rehabilitation Machine Home Leg Trainer Stroke Hemiplegia Rehabilitation Biking

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1. For people with poor function, the motor can be used to drive the limbs for passive training, namely: passive training of upper limbs and passive training of lower limbs.

2. For people with better functions, they can do active training directly without motor drive, namely: active training of upper limbs and active training of lower limbs.


1. Speed ​​regulation function: There are four options, 30/40/50/60 rpm

2. Timing function: There are five options, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 minutes, forward/reverse is adjustable, with functions such as speed display, calorie display, countdown display, etc.

3. Stalled rotor alarm function: the motor stops automatically when the rotor is blocked for about 6 seconds, and the buzzer will sound BI-BI to indicate the alarm. At this time, press the ON/OFF button once to cancel the alarm and automatically turn off.

Machine use and maintenance instructions:

1. Frequency of use: passive training 2~3 times a day, 15~20 minutes each time. Active training unlimited times!

2. Please place in a cool and dry place when not in use.

3. Do not replace the handle and pedal frequently to avoid loosening of the threads.
(The foot pedal can also replace the handle to exercise the upper body)

4. Please do not overload the instrument within one day
2. The built in computer shows key stats about your workout, and the cabled remote control allows you to adjust your workout without having to bend down to the display.
3. The adjustable speed settings allows you to pick the perfect pace to reach your goals, whether that’s to increase blood circulation, strengthen muscle, maintaining flexibility in joints.
4. Exercise while you work, watch TV, browse the internet from seated position,Promotes blood circulation, improves balance, and strengthens muscles
5. Best Effect after using: stimulate muscle movement, achieve the purpose of stimulate nerve;make muscle tension compression, enhanced the meridians backflow pressure; improve blood circulation;Increase joint mobility, reduce cramps.
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