Biggo 3.5Inch Tibetan Singing Bowl Set – With Mallet & Silk Cushion- Perfect resonance Meditation Yoga & Chakra Healing Handmade sound Bowl .Perfect Gift

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Approximately 30% of the world population suffers from insomnia,women are also more likely to have insomnia than men,
it can be inherited and fatal too.why use singing bowlfor sound healing?
No harmful chemicals or side effects.relax and de-stress for a calm and focused life,helps release positive energy.

Why choose us?

Original Material: Adopting traditional Nepalese craft,made up of seven metals and Molten Himalayas Meteorite.
Buddha sound:Totally handmade,The sound is wonderful and refreshing. In Tibet we called this sound”Buddha sound.”
Multifunction:It’s essential to practice Buddhism. it often used in yoga,meditation and chakra healing.

Working principle

The low-pitched sound, Because of higher wavelength and longer frequency, can penetrate deep into the body,
resonate with the internal frequency, and interact with the body to experience the message from your body.

How to work

When using our singing bowl,you can rub or tap the outer edge of the bowl, to make it emit a deep, full, harmonious sound,
causing the molecular resonance in the body to form a vibrating massage and therapeutic effect.
At the time of treatment, according to the seven chakra of the human body, according to the requirements,
the bowl of the chakra should be placed beside the receiver or directly placed on the body.

Bowl Diameter:3.5Inch/9cm
Bowl Depth:2.75Inch/7cm
Cushion Diameter:3.2Inch/8cm
Wood Stick Size:5.1*0.78Inch/13*2cm
Total Weigh:355G

What is included:
1 Silk Cushion
1 Wooden Leather Mallet
1 Singing Bowl
1 Instruction Manual

Beautify life, purify the soul.
AMAZING TONE: Knocking the tibetan singing bowl can make a wonderful “overtone sound”, Unique tones is graceful and steady will help us reach a peaceful mental status. a low frequency and high wavelength sound, which reaches the inside of a body and resonates with our intrinsic frequency.
SOUND HEALING: Striking the bowl will generate a type of sound energy medicine,it ‘s called natural treatment,which can promotes healing most from of disease,such as frustrated, insomnia, pain, depression etc,meditation bowl assists yogis and stylite to open a deeper level of emotional self-regulation.relax and de-stress for a calm and focused life,helps release positive energy.
EASY TO USE & CARRY: 3.5 inch diameter fit your palm perfectly.Simply use the wood stick gently knocking the singing bowl to make this special sound wave,to bring balance and calm to your day to day life in simple,effective and enjoyable way,improve yoga mediation and heart chakra clearning.
PERFECT GIFT: It’s known for relaxation,stress and depression relief,meditation,and mental healing.This is a perfect healthy gift for your friends or lover in anniversary,Christmas or birthday day,Learn to use this ancient art to bring balance and calm to your day to day life in simple,effective and enjoyable way., $20.99, $20.99


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