bintiva Ball Chair for Children – Includes Free Air Pump. Keeps The Mind Focused While Promoting A Healthy Posture.

41WKskgJ+HL. AC41zuiPeoaLL. AC41yJbjM7btL. AC41uLZ2dugrL. AC31tKaei9zmL. AC, buynow3, Ergonomic Benefits of the Bintiva Ball Chair The Ball Chair is a an exciting tool that makes it easy for children to sit up straight, and and engage their cores while seated. This helps promote a healthier posture than sitting in a standard chair. Engaging the Mind, and Helping Children That Have Trouble With Focus and Attention While children are sitting on a ball, their mind is focusing on staying balanced. When the brain is stimulated in that manner, it easier to focus on processing new information, exam taking, and other pertinent aspects of classroom learning.
Many educators report great success using these chairs to keep restless children, or even children with ADD, ADHD, and autism spectrum disorder, calm.

The Bintiva children’s ball chair is designed especially for children, and includes wheels that can lock in place.
The ball chair is an exciting way for children to sit, while promoting healthy posture, and proper spinal alignment.
The chair combines the benefits of a therapy / swiss ball with the convenience of a real chair to hold the ball in place.
The chair is also recommended by educators for children that have trouble sitting still in the classroom. The ball chair allows them to wiggle, and move, while staying seated.
The Ball Chair is 15″ – 15.5″ off the ground, and is recommended for children between ages 5 – 7, depending on the child’s size., $63.99, $63.99


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