Body Glove Compact Extra Thick Fitness Mat with Carrying Strap, 10mm thick, Standard Fitness & Yoga Mat for Men and Women, Exercise Mat, Stretching Mat

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EXERCISE and FITNESS MAT: Body Glove’s Extra Thick Fitness Mat is perfect for all types of fitness, exercise, and stretching, including Pilates, free-weight training, stretching, meditation, and core-building bodyweight exercises such as planks, push ups, crunches and any type of floor workouts and stretches.
STANDARD FITNESS MAT SIZE – The Body Glove fitness mat’s 24″ x 60″ x 10 mm size can satisfy all levels of yoga, pilates and floor workouts. This fitness mat’s 10 mm thickness provides increased comfort and is the perfect cushion for your knees while remaining sturdy for balance.
NON SLIP DESIGN – Body Glove’s non-slip Fitness mats are ribbed and textured for safety. The anti slip textured design of this fitness mat resists sliding and provides excellent traction and superior grip on wood floors, tile floors or cement floors. Non Slip fitness mats are perfect for pilates, yoga and any exercise that breaks a sweat!
Included CARRYING STRAP for our Extra Thick Fitness mats is ideal for use anywhere! Use at the gym, in yoga class, Pilates class, and use at home for stretching and workouts!
Body Glove padded Yoga Mats for women and men can easily be rolled up and packed in your suitcase, trunk, or yoga bag making them a perfect travel yoga mat., $19.99, $19.99


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