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Japanese zen gardenJapanese zen garden

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Our story

How we got our start? BANGBANGDA is a U.S. registered brand, we visited China, Japan, India and Thailand to understanding the oriental Zen garden culture, and learning how to meditate. Now we according to the guidance of the local monks, designed a few mini desktop Zen Garden. Hope you like them. What makes our product unique? You can have a few minutes of mindfulness meditation every day without having to spend too much money. There’s some calming Zen garden in our shop that are perfect for your home and office meditation. Tending these mini landscapes are a great escape, if even for just a few minutes. Why we love what we do? We believed that raking the sand of these desk Zen gardens and creating swirling patterns help calm your mind. The experience of zen garden is different in everyone’s mind, but the feeling of tranquility and relaxation often stays in everyone’s brain!

Calm and Mindfulness – This is high quality original design tabletop Japanese Zen garden that helps meditation practice, creates peaceful energy and releases stress. Calm yourself in the comfort of your home or office by feeling the quiet and relaxing atmosphere created by the yogi woman meditating in the 7 beautiful cool chakra stone formations
Reduce stress at work:Put this large zen garden on your desk. Now, when you do something stressful, you can put on a chakra bracelet to calm yourself down by raking the rock garden. As you focus your attention on repetitive body movements, you can allow your brain to escape the stresses of everyday life.
HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS – This mini zen garden for desk comes with 27 items: 9.4″ X 9.4″ large decorative tray, 7 Chakra Stones, a bottle of sand(300g), 1pc traditional four teeth rake, 1pc pushing sand rake, meditation yoga women, wooden chakra crystals grid ,a Chakra Crystal Bracelet, Bridge, 2pc Koi, 6pc mini black rock, Pink cherry tree, golden tree, two grass blocks.
BEST WISHES – Zen garden makes a very thoughtful gift to yourself or a loved one. The meditative nature can help anyone clear their mind. It is a great gift for birthdays, holidays, and many other occasions. It is perhaps the best gift you can give
Excellent Service – We offer the best value and we have great confidence of our product! If you run into any issue, just drop us an email! – Replacement or Refund – we are here to make our customer satisfied. Wish you enjoy your mediation time!, $27.99, $27.99


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