COZUOYI Resistance Bands Set, Exercise Equipment for Home Workouts Include 12 Loops Yoga Stretch Strap, Resistance Bands with Handles,Booty Bands, Jump Rope, Yoga Ball,Massage Ring

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Product Description






SUITABLE for MANY EXERCISE SCENES:Women’s fitness equipment suit is suitable for indoor or outdoor exercise. The regular resistance band, 12 loops yoga stretch strap and exercise bands with handles are suitable for any popular exercise, such as yoga and Pilates. Different exercise tools can fully meet all your needs, which also ensures a healthy fitness experience.
YOGA RING :Workout equipment for women’s beautiful back, legs, waist and neck massage, skinny legs and slimming. Made of anti-fracture toughness material, it can satisfy multi-part massage, conform to the curve design of human body, and bid farewell to backache.
DURABLE FABRIC RING WORKOUT BANDS: Resistance band has 3 resistance levels: light green, pink medium and purple heavy. It is very suitable for improving strength and activity, and is used for seamless integration with all popular exercise programs including yoga and Pilates. It is very suitable for deep squatting, strengthening leg muscles, knee thrust and lateral dragging. Different resistance levels and resistance bands bring new vitality to your training!
ADJUSTABLE LENGTH SPORTS JUMP ROPE:This adjustable 9-foot vinyl coated cable is easy to adjust and suitable for adults and children. The 6-inch handle with memory foam is an ideal tool for aerobic exercise, boxing and MMA training. Endurance and physical fitness. The foam covered by the handle has perfect gripping performance, ensuring extremely comfortable movement.
ALL-IN-ONE HOME WORKOUT BANDS RESISTANCE SET: This resistance band set includes 12 Loops yoga stretch strap×1,resistance bands with handles×1,annular resistance band×3, jump rope ×1, yoga ball×1, yoga ring×1,Storage bag×1., $32.99, $32.99


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