CSKJ Peanut Ball,Peanut Exercise Ball,Yoga Ball,Pregnancy Ball,Peanut Stability Ball,for Kids Therapy,Labor Birthing,Back Pain Relief,Core Strength Training(Include Pump)

31ZpV433C3L. AC31syNfq91PL. AC51n6YYwzuAL. AC41aP3UjQmTL. AC41BkQbk83FL. AC41sHR0F+DbL. AC, ✿Inflation skills:
☞How to inflate the peanut ball:
Allow the ball to reach room temperature before inflation.
Insert the pump into the air valve of the ball, and then work on the pump to empty the ball.
When the ball reaches the marked height, stop inflation. Your ball is now ready for use. Don’t over inflate.
Upon initial inflation, the ball may not be inflated to 100% of its size. Due to the material of the steel ball, it will increase to the appropriate size with the second inflation.
☞How to deflate the peanut ball:
Use the puller provided with the exercise ball to remove the valve stem cover. Rotate the valve back and forth to move it upwards until the valve is completely removed from the ball.

✿User tips:
Choose a workout that suits your strength and flexibility. When exercising, follow your doctor’s advice. If you feel/become dizzy or feel pain, stop exercising immediately.
Store the ball indoors at room temperature-the sun will break the ball over time due to ultraviolet radiation.
Easy to clean-our peanut balls can be cleaned only with a soft damp cloth. Most importantly, our fitness balls do not contain phthalates and do not contain any heavy metal elements.
Keep away from hard objects-the ball is resistant to bursting and is particularly hard. Please do not use it around hard objects.

✿Packing list:
1 x peanut ball
1 x hand pump
1 x stopper
1 x plug removal tool
☑[Perfect exercise]: Peanut ball large is very suitable for daily home exercise and gym. You don’t need much space to create your own home gym or yoga studio!
☑[Wide use]: Peanut ball labo is used to promote the process of childbirth. It can also be used in gymnasiums and home yoga training, fitness exercises, to help improve balance and coordination, or to exercise the abdomen, back, buttocks and other body muscles.
☑[Durable]: The peanut ball is made of high-grade materials, which is heavier than other same size, compressive and anti-explosive, durable and practical, and can withstand the most rigorous exercises.
☑[Easy to inflate]: Peanut ball labor and delivery is equipped with a foot pump, which can be inflated quickly, which is very suitable for use in homes and fitness rooms. The package includes 1 peanut ball, 1 hand pump, 1 stopper and 1 stopper removal tool., $20.89, $20.89


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