Flbirret Multifunction Pedal Resistance Belt Exerciser Sit‑up Yoga Domestic Fitness Equipmentpurple for Full Body Workouts

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Product Description:
The pedal resistance belt is a high-quality yoga equipment that is suitable for whole body muscle exercises. It is made of TPR and ABS materials and has a strong tension that is not easy to break, making it an important yoga exercise tool for men and women. The handle of the resistance belt has a special texture design that makes it non-slip and easy to grasp. The pedal is thickened and has a non-slip texture that increases friction. The resistance belt has a built-in steel pipe design that makes it easy to fix and provides firm support and safer use. It is an important accessory for fitness and shaping, helping to beautify the chest line, slender arms, and legs. The resistance belt is also an elastic pull rope fitness equipment that allows you to adjust and tighten your waist, legs, and arms easily and safely, and relax your shoulders.

1. Elastic pull rope fitness equipment. Adjust and tighten waist, legs and arms easily and safely, and relax shoulders.
2. Pulling rope can reduce the pressure and increase the flexibility of the shoulders.
Condition: brand newItem type: Pedal Resistance BeltMaterial: TPR+ABS+Steel pipeOptional Color: purple, pink, blueSize: Approx. 34.5×30.5cm/13.6x12inThe pedal resistance belts are suitable for whole body muscle exercises, suitable for yoga, Pilates, adduction legs, buttocks bridges, squats, leg presses, hip thrusts, weightlifting, deadlifts, lunges, air squats, side squats, hips Joint abduction and adduction, inner and outer thigh contraction, rebound and beach aerobics, they are good choices for fitness enthusiasts.
The elastic pull rope helps you build, nurse and gain muscles for your legs, thighs and buttocks. Shape your body.
Package List:1 x Pedal Resistance Belt
NON-SLIP TEXTURE DESIGN: The special texture design on the outside of the handle makes it easy to grasp, while the thickened pedal has a non-slip texture to increase friction.
FIRM STEEL PIPE SUPPORT: The built-in steel pipe design provides a strong foundation for your workouts, making it safer to use.
FULL BODY WORKOUTS: This pedal resistance belt is suitable for a variety of workouts, including yoga, Pilates, and muscle-building exercises for the arms, abdomen, chest, and legs.
RELIEVE SHOULDER TENSION AND REDUCE ABDOMINAL FAT: The elastic pull rope helps to reduce pressure on the shoulders and can be used to tones and shape the legs, thighs, and buttocks, as well as the abdomen and chest.
List Price: $24.09

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