Foldable Yoga Mat, Thick Exercise Mat with a Non-Slip Texture, Folding Yoga Mats for Women, Men, Gym, Ab Workout, Travel, and Pilates, Doubles as a Yoga Block and Stretching Aid


Upgrade your Passion

Say goodbye to frustration and hello to a world of fuss-free convenience! No more taking ages to roll up that yoga mat. No more dealing with a bulky exercise mat
always eager to eat up valuable storage space. Meet our foldable workout mat – the exercise accessory you’ll wonder how you lived without. Heading for that yoga
class or pilates studio? It quickly folds into a compact form for fuss-free portability. Want to store your mat after that rewarding home workout? It takes a fraction
of the space to complement your room with minimalistic elegance.

Feel the Comfort

Whether you’re chiseling away at your abs, beautifully holding a yoga pose, or rehabbing a nagging injury, our folding floor mat makes comfort a priority. You’ll love
​the feel of the 6mm thick material that cushions your body as you give that workout your all. And unlike other mats that transform into slipper hazards when you sweat,
​ours stands out with a 3D textured design on both sides. This means a non-slip surface to help you make that dream body a reality.

Here are more reasons to love this folding mat:

EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE: No more dealing with regular yoga mats that are a nightmare to roll up and store. Innovatively designed for fuss-free portability, our foldable yoga mat is a breeze to carry, a dream to store, and measures a full-sized 70” (L) x 24” (W).
UNLEASH THE VERSATILITY: This isn’t just a thick workout mat. It folds into a comfortable yet supportive yoga block to help you polish your poses. You can also fold portions of the textured exercise mat to work as a headrest, footrest, or a little bench for stretching.
NEXT-LEVEL COMFORT: Whether you’re working on your abs, holding a plank, or stretching into downward dog, comfort will always be in your corner. The secret behind it all? An extra-thick 6mm cushion that pads your knees, back, elbow, and feet.
NON-SLIP GOODNESS: As you sweat it out, stretch further than ever and push past your limit, this foldable travel yoga mat keeps you steady all through that workout. And it’s all thanks to the texturized design – an anti-slip surface you’ll find on both sides of the work out mat.
MADE TO LAST: Get the last non-slip yoga mat you’ll feel the need to buy. Crafted from tear-resistant TPE, this easy-to-clean fitness mat withstands the most active of users. Beginner or pro, pilates lover or yoga enthusiast, you’ve found an exercise floor mat you’ll want to flaunt!, $28.99, $28.99


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