Lahien Yoga Equipment Set 5 Pcs, Yoga Starter Kit, Include Yoga Ball (25cm) Yoga Blocks Stretching Strap(183cm) Resistance Loop Exercise Band(150cm) for Home

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Product Description


yoga setyoga set

What you will get:

This yoga set will allows you to practice safely with comfort in your own home.Yoga Small Ball Diameter: 25 cm/9.8 inchesYoga Block: 23 * 15 * 8 cm / 9.0 * 5.9 * 3.1 inchesYoga Belt: 50 * 5 cm/19.6 * 1.9 inchesStretching Belt: 183 * 3.8 cm / 72 * 1.4 inchesResistance Loop Exercise Strap: 150 * 15 cm / 59 * 5.9 inches You will get 5pcs yoga equipment set:1*Yoga Small Ball,1*Yoga Block,1*Yoga Belt,1*Stretching Belt,1*Resistance Loop Exercise Strap

yoga blockyoga block

 Stretching Belt Stretching Belt

Resistance Loop Exercise StrapResistance Loop Exercise Strap

Yoga Block

EVA material, lightweight foam block can provide stability and balance needed in practice to help optimize alignment, deeper posture and increase posture strength.

Stretching Belt

Pure cotton material,Two D-rings provide a great help for maintaining the posture for a long time, and have a sense of comfort, which can increase the flexibility of the body.

Resistance Loop Exercise Strap

Latex material,help Squat before exercise to heat up the muscles of the hips and legs,And help you stretch your muscles after yoga and other exercises.

yoga ballyoga ball

Mini Yoga Ball

Made of PVC, BPA free, can be used for Pilates, yoga, back and abdominal training or sports relaxation.Exercise small ball. Small exercise ball for between knees, for thighs and back, soft and easy to grip,Small workout ball for women.

Yoga BeltYoga Belt

Yoga Belt

Latex material, both men and women can tone, enhance and enhance Upper body, lower body, legs or arms.Help squats, warm up the muscle of hip and legs before fitness and have a stretch of muscle after yoga and other sports

yoga kit blueyoga kit blue

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【THE PERFECT STARTER SET】:Include Yoga Ball,Yoga Blocks,Yoga belt,Stretching Belt,Resistance Loop Exercise Strap.It is very helpful for beginners and experienced yoga enthusiasts. It is very helpful for beginners and experienced yoga enthusiasts. A variety of accessories can be used with various yoga courses (Such as yoga postures, meditation exercises)
【SMALL YOGA BALL】:Suitable for small scenes (for example, on sofas, yoga mats), and can be used as small stools. It is suitable for children who are inclined to loli, and suitable for children who like sports. The high-quality PVC yoga ball can be used for a long time in various scenes.
【NON-TOXIC AND DURABLE】:Our fitness balls are made of professional PVC material, with long service life. Yoga block is made of EVA material, which is soft and non-slip. The Stretching Belt is made of pure cotton material with high strength and toughness. Yoga Belt and Resistance Loop Exercise Strap are made of latex, which is hygroscopic, breathable and elastic.
【EASY TO CLEAN】:After practice simply wipe down the block with water or if you need more of a clean use a mixture of soap and water. The block can be dried with a towel or simply left to air dry. This stretch block is an essential piece of yoga equipment for your yoga set.
【Perfect Gift】: Apart from making this yoga workout equipment set yours, you can also offer it as a gift .This yoga set must have for every man or woman who likes working out., $14.99, $14.99 - $12.99


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