Limm Half Ball Balance Trainer – Half Yoga Ball with Resistance Bands Handle and Jump Rope – Pilates Exercise Balance Ball for Squats, Steps Workout, Balance Training, Push Ups, Core Training, Etc.

41TqK3LvhGS. AC51X4ldRwrNS. AC51BPKJsFyGS. AC51DFX4ZNXyL. AC51mcdG1P4JS. AC51I3qg7s9pS. AC51ZAn2S4FKS. AC41KKmZ3UmCS. AC, Complete your balance and cardio workout gears with the Limm Balance Trainer!Improve your mobility and balance, and target muscles beyond just your lower body. With the Limm Balance Trainer, you get to work out different muscle groups in your body, from top to bottom! This Balance Trainer has a special anti-slip design on the dome, and 6 special feet on its base to grip the floor surface.

    What this package includes:

    • 1 Balance Trainer
    • 1 set of resistance bands with handles
    • 1 jump rope
    • 2 stopper/air plus
    • 2 types of air pump, hand and foot

    Available in pink, gray, purple and blue. The adjustable resistance bands included can be attached to the hook beside the balance trainers. Each band measures 80 cm, and each handles measures 9×3 cm. The jump ropes included are also adjustable, from 3 meters down to your preferred height. The jump rope handles are 12cm long.
    ANTI-SLIP AND BURST-RESISTANT: This dome balance trainer is made from high quality PVC with special design to prevent slipping. Unlike other half yoga balls, each Limm Balance Trainers are carefully manufactured so the dome doesn’t separate from the base.
    TOTAL BODY WORKOUT: Perform your usual exercises with this exercise ball with resistance bands & jump rope to introduce instability that will force your smaller core muscles to work harder to support you
    PORTABLE WORKOUT EQUIPMENT: The base of the balance trainer is only 58 cm diameter and the base has 6 specially designed feet to help secure the balance trainer to the ground.
    MAKE CORE WORKOUTS MORE FUN: Perfect for building your own home gym, this exercise ball can be used for a multitude of exercises: squats, push ups, lunges, planks, sit-ups, bridges and more!
    INCLUDES BONUSES: Each purchase comes with adjustable resistance cables, jump rope (adjustable one time to your preferred length), hand and foot pump, 2 air plugs/air stoppers, video training guide, downloadable eBook, and a 2-year manufacturer warranty., $68.49, $68.49


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