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What is mindfulness? Mindfulness means paying attention to the present moment. Letโ€™s all agree, this is something all of us can use more in this digital age, especially our children! Plenty of research shows that mindfulness is capable of improving mental health, attention, self-regulation and social competency when practiced in children and adolescents.

Practice mindfulness with the whole family or in a therapy or classroom setting! Fun for the whole family, spend quality time with your children practicing mindfulness activities through series of experiments, yoga and meditations exercises, fun competitions, questions and rituals. Guess your kids preferences, connect through talking about feelings and emotions, teach them the concept of mindfulness in a fun and playful atmosphere. Play therapy toys for counselors, teachers, schools, montessories, play groups, camps and much more.

Three games in one, something for everyone! The box contains three games that can be played in different settings on different occasions: from classrooms to bedtime rituals to a big family gathering. GUESS game lets you test your knowledge of your kids preferences and likes. CONNECT game prompts discussions of fun facts and topics that matter, educational and intimate. EXPERIMENT game is set of tasks and exercises that teach you basics of yoga, meditations, mind and body connection, fun science experiments and competitions. Fun never stops with GUESS, CONNECT, EXPERIMENT!

Engaging, fun to play and you can make it into a competition! Exciting, educational and fun โ€“ learning mindfulness should not be boring or feel like therapy. Thatโ€™s why we made this game extra fun, with the help of psychologists, teachers and other children. The game was originally created with our own children in mind. We are parents who are passionate about games and we believe that modern day kids could hugely benefit from learning the co
๐Ÿ‘ 150 CARDS 3 GAMES IN 1 BOX: Spend quality time with children exploring the concept of mindfulness through series of experiments, yoga and meditations exercises, fun competitions, questions and rituals Learn fun facts, understand emotions, improve concentration and memory! Educational yet fun, our game is versatile and widely used by school teachers and counselors as well and suitable for all ages of children. 3 games in 1, something for everyone!
โ“ GUESS GAME: Personal questions put your knowledge to the test on how well you know each other. Ideal for children ages 4-7.
๐Ÿ’ฌ CONNECT GAME: Develop a deeper connection between adults and adolescents through self reflection. Learn mindfulness rituals, fun facts, understand emotions and social skills. Could be used daily before bed or in a therapy or classroom setting. Ideal for ages 8-17.
๐Ÿ”ฌ EXPERIMENT GAME: Play with or compete against players by applying mindfulness to body awareness through yoga, meditation, observation and experiments. Super fun classroom game but can be played at home as a family. Ideal for ages 5-17.
๐ŸŽ VERSATILE AND GREAT VALUE. For a price of one you get three games in one box! 150 cards in a travel size box, easy to take on trips with you. These mindfulness cards are ideal for home, schools, camps, or group therapy and comes with a fun sticker reward system. Perfect for counseling, makes great play therapy toys, but also guaranteed to make a family night a success! Valuable additional to classroom games collection or counseling games arsenal. Great gift idea for the holidays!, $23.95, $23.95


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