MOMPLUS 6 Inch Exercise Pilates Mini Yoga Balls Barre Small Bender for Home Stability Squishy Training Physical Therapy Improves Balance with Pump

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Product Description



Perfect for strengthening the abdominals, core and lower back muscles.


Manufactured from burst resistant, durable PVC — Perfect for tough workouts.


Perfect for use with yoga, pilates, or for general strengthening & balance.


High grip, non-slip surface for safe use when performing weighted exercises.


Frosted Surface – Pressure and Explosion-proof. The surface of the ball sphere is composed of innumerable explosion-proof small bubbles, application of micro-porous foaming technology.Intimate Air Plug – Easy to Storage and Use. We specially equip each ball with valve plugs and inflatable tubes,convenient for customers to repeatedly inflate using and storage.(Note: In order to avoid the damage of the sphere in transit, we release the gas in the sphere before pack the yoga ball. After receiving the product, you can use the inflatable tube to inflate it.)6 Inch Scientific Design – Suitable for Various Body Types. The 9-inch diameter design is just suitable for the size of human palm, easy to use and meet different needs .


6 Inch Mini Exercise Balance Ball with Inflatable tube for Home Exercise, Balance Training, Yoga & Barre Workout

This Wellness Ball can help you achieve muscle and tension release for all parts of the body.Effectively stimulate your abdominal muscles and inner thighs can also increase your flexibility,Strength and endurance


APPLICABLE FOR ALL-AGE USERS & DIVERSE OCCASIONS-improve people’s flexibility, strength, balance, posture, cardiopulmonary function. For women, long-term use can effectively make your posture, shape perfect curves. For the elderly, it is effective to exercise the spine.
The Pilates Mini Exercise Ball Is Intended For Core Strength training, Balance, Back Rehabilitation And For Toning And Sculpting With Pilates, Yoga Or Barre Fitness Exercises. Also Known As Small Barre Ball / Gym Ball / Mini Balance Ball / Stability Ball / Bender Ball.
Easy to Inflate and Carry: The anti-burst balls do not include a valve, but rather have a plug to withstand high pressure. This requires a straw for inflation, and is easy to inflate. It is only 6 inches when folded.
YOGA BALL INFLATION METHOD – Each product will be equipped with an inflatable tube, you can apply it to easily fill the yoga ball with air. Please note that for better recycle using, we recommend that you only need to fill 70% to 80% of the air.
List Price: $9.90

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