Nordstick Nordic Curl Knee Pad – Premium Soft Feel and Extra Thick 1.2″ (30.5mm) – Pad Provides Cushion for Knees and Elbows – Durable & Portable Exercise Mat For Many Workouts And Everyday Tasks

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Product Description


Are you tired of grinding your knees and elbow into the floor when exercising? Are you tired of your tailbone hurting during sit ups? The Nordpad is for you! We searched far and wide to find the best quality pad to protect your joints when you train! Perform Nordics, Reverse Nordics, sit ups, hip thrusts, side planks, planks, bird dogs, yoga and more with our pad! Our pad is Huge so you can easily fit both knees or your elbows on the pad! Our Pad will take a beating and return to looking good as new even after 100’s of uses!

Nordic CurlsNordic Curls

Reverse NordicsReverse Nordics

Planks and yogaPlanks and yoga

Water ResistantWater Resistant


Notice any minor creases on the surface of the pad? Compression during shipping or a lifetime of use can cause surfaces creases to develop. We’ve got you covered… the Nordstick mat has been engineered with a simple fix in mind. If you do notice any minor creases or surface imperfections simply set the mat in direct sunlight for a short duration and the surface will be restored. Other manufactured materials do not compare



Don’t stop because your Joints are sore from grinding into the floor – The Nordpad will protect your joints during you Hardest workouts and allow you to push to new limits!
Easy to Keep Clean – While many foam exercise mats will absorb odors and moisture over time, the Nordstick mat has been designed to prevent you from ever having to deal with this common issue.
Some other mats may be too soft, some may be too hard, ours is just right – Our pad is engineered to deliver superior shock absorbing properties and unmatched durability – provides ideal cushioning while holding its shape over a lifetime.
Versatile – Our portable exercise mat can be used for many fitness activities including Nordic hamstring curls, ab exercises, yoga exercises, hip thrusts, planks, and many other kneeling/seated workouts. It can also be used for meditation, injury rehab, baby bath time, camping, sport events, auto repair, gardening or work around the house! Use the NordPad whenever you need a more comfortable cushioned surface!
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