OGOGO Yoga Mat Double-Sided Non Slip,Eco Friendly Exercise Yoga Mat for Men and Women,Thick High Density Pro Mat with Carrying Strap

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Product Description


Yoga is derived from ancient India advocating natural fitness exercise. It can control the mind and emotions and maintain a healthy body by exercising the body and regulating breathing.

Yoga mat is not only used for practicing yoga, it is also suitable for daily exercise, indoor fitness, outdoor aerobics, etc… Because it is convenient to carry, it can also be used as a camping mat in the wild.

Therefore, when we choose a yoga mat, we must use scientific methods to help us make the right choice.

OGOGO TPE non slip yoga mat thick for womenOGOGO TPE non slip yoga mat thick for women



OGOGO is a company dedicated to the research and production of sports equipment, such as running, fitness, swimming, yoga, mountaineering, cycling, skiing and other sports equipment.

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How to choose a yoga mat correctly?

Why choose OGOGO yoga mat?

The common yoga mat materials on the market are divided into four types: NBR, PVC, TPE, and rubber. They have the following characteristics:

NBR:Big volume, Easy to break, Cheap Material, Use short lifespan.PVC:Smell, Cheap Material, Heavy, Low flexibility.TPE:Non-pollution, Not smell, High elasticity, High toughness ( Resistance to tearing and accidental damage ), Non slip, Light weight ( easy to carry ), Best cost-effective.Rubber:Best Non slip, Non-pollution, Not smell, Overweight, Expensive.
Our yoga mat is made of high quality TPE material: Its anti-slip performance is excellent because we use a different back texture structure. Its resilience is amazing, because our yoga mat has a very high proportion of tpe. If the rebound of the yoga mat is poor, it may be made of a mixture of tpe+eva, cutting corners. It is very safe because it has no smell and no heavy metal pollution.

high quality tpe yoga mathigh quality tpe yoga mat

Good reboundGood rebound

non slip yoga matnon slip yoga mat

large yoga matlarge yoga mat

yoga mat tearing resistanceyoga mat tearing resistance

Excellent elasticity

We only use high-end high-quality TPE. The excellent material determines the excellent elasticity, so that when we use it, we can ensure that the sole area of the foot has enough tension to relieve the pain from the ground to the sole of the foot.Relaxation yoga.

Amazing Non slip

Our TPE yoga mat uses an upgraded windmill texture on the back, which further strengthens its ability to hold onto the floor on the original basis. When you stand on it and workout, you won’t feel any displacement of the yoga mat, and the snake texture on the front not only prevent non slip, but also add a unique temperament to the yoga mat itself.

Multiple sizes and colors

We try to make more sizes to meet the needs of people of different heights, and make more colors to meet the pursuit of people with different preferences, so that we can better serve more sports enthusiasts. More different sizes and colors are planning…

Excellent toughness

The yoga mat made of tpe material has very good flexibility, is not easy to tear, is not easy to break, and can be used for a longer time and can accompany you for a longer time.

Usage scenarios
yoga exercise fitness workout ( hot ) yoga exercise fitness workout 2 set yoga block yoga exercise fitness workout garden housework repair exercise equipment mat

Product size
72 x 24 x 1/3 inch 72 x 24 inch x 7 mm 9 x 6 x 4 inches 10lb 20lb 30lb 40lb 17.5 x 11 x 3/4 inch 24 x 48 inch x 4 mm

TPE Suede + TPE EVA Latex TPE Polyvinyl Chloride


DOUBLE-SIDED ANTI-SLIP PROCESSING: The surface of the training mat is finely embossed, and the material is resistant to sweat and water, making it difficult to slip along with the high-end feeling.Non-slip waveform on the back can withstand friction and improve anti-slip capability.
VARIOUS USES & CONVENIENCE: Ideal for yoga, meditation, pilates, aerobics, exercise, abdominal exercise (abdominal roller, push-ups, crunch muscles).This yoga mat weighs about 1.92 Pounds and is easy to carry around.It can be collected compactly just by winding up the knot and saving time and space.
SIZE: 72inch x 24inch x 1/4&1/3inch. Material: TPE. Before and after use, you can clean it with a soft cloth just by wiping it with water, and you can wash it directly with water, so it’s easy to take care of.
QUALITY GUARANTEE: This product has a one-year warranty. If you receive a different product from your order, if there is a defect such as an initial defect, or if you have any other questions, please contact us., $17.99, $17.99


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