Polyfit Adjustable Kettlebell – 5 lbs, 8 lbs, 12 lbs Kettlebell Weights Set for Home Gym

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ACHIEVE YOUR FITNESS GOALS WITH POLYFIT ADJUSTABLE KETTLEBELL Long hours of sitting and hunched over your screen can’t be good for anyone. Change up your daily routine and give it a healthy twist with Polyfit’s home-friendly Adjustable Kettlebell. Training with kettlebells activates your glutes and lats from those hours of simply sitting down. Not only that—it also pushes you to hold a correct posture, which helps in decreasing the pain in your neck, shoulders, and lower back. If you’ve put on a few pounds, working out using kettlebells is an effective way to burn those extra calories and give you back your lean figure. Despite it’s compact size, consistent use can help decrease your body fat and reveal your toned muscles. Aside from weight loss, it’s also perfectly capable of targeting multiple muscles all at once. You’ll notice your improving core strength, as these adjustable kettlebells engage your core muscles as well. It’s great for strength training in general, too. JUST ONE KETTLEBELL FOR YOUR ENTIRE FITNESS JOURNEY Our Adjustable Kettlebells is the ideal equipment for anybody, no matter what their level of expertise may be. It’s customizable, with the main unit at 5 lbs that comes with additional weight plates at 3 lbs and another at 4 lbs. That means buying one unit gives you 3 different weight options of 5 lbs, 8 lbs, or 12 lbs to work with! It’s great for the beginner who hasn’t lifted weights yet, or the seasoned lifter who’s looking for the next best addition to their home gym. Click “Add to Cart” to get your own adjustable kettlebell now!
COMPACT & PORTABLE | THE PERFECT ADDITION TO YOUR HOME EXERCISE ROUTINE. Break the work-from-home slump with adjustable kettlebells. It’s great for people who want to leave the bulky equipment in the gym. It also blends well in your home as it’s small and doesn’t take up too much space. Plus, it comes in colors that are easy on the eyes! Totally not like your usual black cast iron kettlebells.
PREMIUM-GRADE MATERIAL | DURABLE & SAFE. The kettlebell’s handle fits both of your hands perfectly, making it optimal for increasing your grip strength. It’s covered with a high-quality PE outer layer that won’t get slippery even when you sweat. As it has removable weights, we’ve made sure that the locks are sturdy, and are designed to work and remain durable over time.
CONVENIENT STRENGTH & CORE TRAINING. Polyfit’s Adjustable Kettlebell is designed for convenience, while still delivering the same results as a regular kettlebell. Incorporating our kettlebell in your workouts means you get to target multiple major muscle groups at once. It’s good for general strength training, and it promotes better health through exercises that strengthen your joints.
MAINTAIN YOUR LEAN PHYSIQUE | FREE WORKOUT GUIDE. Lose a few pounds with a couple of swings! Our Adjustable Kettlebell promotes weight loss, as it helps decrease body fat, making muscles lean and toned. It adds intensity and variety to your usual cardio routines. Complete beginners don’t need to fret, as it comes with a free laminated workout guide. It contains exercises good for at least a 15-minute workout, with moves that anyone can do!
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