Primasole Folding Yoga Travel Pilates Mat 1/4 Thick Easy to Carry to Class Beach Park Travel Azalea

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Yoga Mat Folding

Primasole yogamatPrimasole yogamat

Available in 7 colors.

You can also use several colors according to your mood of the day!

color:Coral red/Earth brouwn/Lime green/Azalea pink/Quartz purple/Jango green/Black

Primasole yogamatPrimasole yogamat

Primasole yogamatPrimasole yogamat Primasole

primasole is a fitness brand established in April 2019.

We have a lineup of products that helps you incorporate fitness into your daily life.

Yoga products Fitness products Muscle training products


Yoga Mat Folding

This mat is not bulky because it is stored folded up, not rolled up.

Compact size that is convenient to carry.

Primasole yogamatPrimasole yogamat

Foldable type for easier carrying!

Comes in a compact size that easily fits in a tote bag.

Primasole yogamatPrimasole yogamat

Features folds for easy folding.

The folds make it easy to fold.

Primasole yogamatPrimasole yogamat

Cushioned material

Made from PVC, which is highly tear-resistant. Since it is soft, it won’t hurt even when used on hard floors.

It is also recommended to be used as a protective mat for training equipment.

Primasole yogamatPrimasole yogamat

Main purpose

1/4 Inch Thick/Folding yoga mat Recommended for dynamic yoga with many standing poses and movements. 1/3 Inch Thick yoga mat For static yoga with many sitting and supine poses. 1/2 Inch Thick yoga mat For static yoga with many sitting and supine postures and for home use. Yoga Training Mat 1/2 Inch Thick For static yoga with many sitting and supine poses and for home use.

Primasole yogamatPrimasole yogamat


Primasole yogamatPrimasole yogamat


Primasole yogamatPrimasole yogamat


Primasole yogamatPrimasole yogamat


Material/Product Features
PVC/Reasonable PVC/Reasonable PVC/Reasonable/compact NBR/lightweight PER/Eco material

68”L×24”W 68”L×24”W 68”L×24”W 72 “L×24″W 68″L x 24″W

2.0 LB 3.3LB 2.0 LB 1.8 LB 3.3 LB

Focused on thickness

Focused on lightness

Easy to carry

I want to choose from a wide range of colors

【TRUSTED BRAND 】 Limited Brand Primasole is a fitness brand established in April 2019. Our lineup includes a yoga mat, exercise & balance ball, balance disc, and foam roller. We are here to help you incorporate fitness & workout into your daily life.
【CHOICE OF SEVEN COLORS】 Coordinate with any mood, style, or preference. Durable PVC resists peeling, fading, or tearing and wipes clean for easy everyday use.
【FOLD and LIGHTWEIGHT】Maximal portability for easy carrying to your travel,gym, studio, park, or beach. Size is 68 × 24 inches provides comfort and stability at a total weight of only 2.0 lb for the 1/4″ mat
【SECURE AND STABLE】 Embossed surface ensures stability during all types of training. Ideal for core strength, posture, balance, and flexibility exercises. Perfect for hot yoga, ab crunches, or Pilates as well as yoga floor and standing poses.
【GREAT FOR TRAVEL, PARK, BEACH】 Yoga Mat folds up nicely, Fit in Back-pack, Suitcase, Tote bag. After yoga class or gym, fit in your bag and go to shopping, lunch and class. Ideal size for travel, park & beach., $24.99, $24.99 - $15.32


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