Quest Yoga Mat With Extra thick 6mm – Non-slip Fitness Mat – Artifact Yoga Mat With Sling Carrier – Lightweight Exercise Mat – Pilates and Floor Exercises Mat With 72″L x 24″W x 6mm Thick(Green)

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Yoga has been an increasingly practiced hobby and even a side-practice on other athletic fields. Given that the pandemic gave a lot of time off to athletes, the Yoga communities were one of the few athletic fields that gained from the catastrophe that happened a few years ago with the constant number of sales of workout equipment available in the market.
The Quest Research Crew had undergone dermal, rigidity, sensitivity, durability, and quality assurance studies so that you can have a scientifically-calculated and dependable workout equipment for a hassle-free Yoga session. This exercise mat is made of a mix of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastometer) and rubber to ensure a top-of-the-line soft platform mat for you to practice on. Because of the numerous rigorous tests for this mat, it is safe to say that you can use this for many years to come during your yoga adventure.
A huge following in the community of MMA fighters, Gymnasts, and weightlifters also do Yoga and in their free time. This workout equipment are a regular mainstay for the things you regularly see in the gym .

  • Materials: TPE and rubber
  • Dimensions: 6.1 x 2 ft
  • Thickness: 4mm
  • Weight: 850g ± 50g
  • Included: Sling carrier
  • Color: Green

Custom Design – The Forest Green color of the Yoga mat ensures that you would fit in outside and inside the gym during your Yoga sessions. Quest have conceptualized this alongside the team in order to fit both environments that a Yoga Practitioner would have. Therefore, choosing the minimal design of this mat will definitely benefit you.
Affordable – The Quest factory carefully studied and underwent a rigorous testing process before they cleared the creation of this mat with the utmost assurance that it was made with durable top-tier materials, but at the same time it would not hurt your pocket as you purchase this.
Durable – This exercise mat is so durable that it can be used as a weightlifting base for deadlifts and squats. The TPE (Thermoplastic Elastometer) material ensures you a skin-friendly experience and will not trigger skin allergies and odor absorption. Additionally, quality assurance team had to had to conduct numerous slippage and a durability examinations before this yoga mat gets cleared out the factory.
This product was cleared by the Quest quality assurance team to be Environment-friendly and biodegradable. For vegans, you can experience a Hassle-free and conscience-free experience when you worry about your carbon footprint. This harmed zero animals and the Quest Crew practiced guilt-free procedures while they develop this stretching mat.
lightweight – You can fold this stretching mat like a burrito wrapper with ease. It is soft and highly portable. It is a soft platform mat ideal even for an anti-slip base for weightlifters as they do deadlifts and squats. This 1.8 lbs sport fitness mat looks and feels light, but it can withstand beyond human weight standards.
List Price: $19.99

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