SEVENS Yoga Bolster with 2 Machine Washable Covers Rectangular Portable Yoga Pillow for Meditation and Support Yoga Supportive Bolster for Women and Men Yoga Accessories

412MnN8jtVL. AC410dBpylaZS. AC51spFN01ulS. AC41bZD8ugrTS. AC51Wy2vE0SSS. AC41q qtMl6NS. AC, The Best Yoga Bolster – the best support for you to maintain proper alignment and yoga posture .

Yoga bolster provides you a comfortable and relaxing experience.

SEVENS yoga bolster pillow is crafted from safe and eco friendly material, soft, comfortable and durable
enough to provide you with stable support and relaxation when doing back extension exercises,
rehabilitation treatment postures and deep breathing practice. Comes with 2 machine washable
pillow covers of different material which provides you different tactile experience and convenient
for replacing. The special designed handle at one end can better help you to grab and carry and
the bonus anti-dust drawing bag can be used for storage.

1.Two machine washable yoga bolster covers for replacing and washing.
2.Provide you with stable support and help to relax in yoga poses.
3.An ideal relaxation pillow for side sleeping, watching TV or reading.
4.Handle strap for convenient grabbing and carrying.
5.Anti-dust drawstring bag for better storage.

Material: high-density recycled foam, Cotton linen, Eco-suede.
Size: 5.5″*9.84″*25.6″.
Weight: 1.05 kg (Approx.)
Package Include: Yoga bolster*1, Cotton linen pillow cover*1, Faux-suede pillow cover*1, Drawstring bag*1.

PREMIUM MATERIALS & TWO REPLACEABLE COVERS: Filled with high-density recycled foam with a concentrated core, the yoga bolster can provide long-lasting durability and stability, and its firmness is just right for support. Without harmful chemicals, it is non-toxic, odorless and safe to use. Comes with 2 REPLACEABLE COVERS – Cotton linen pillow cover*1 and Eco-suede cover*1 , which are soft, comfortable, convenient for replacing and washing, providing you with different tactile experience.
ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The yoga supportive bolster is rectangular designed with the most suitable size of 5.5″*9.84″*25.6″, which can effectively assist you in adjusting yoga postures and provide you with appropriate and safe support without discomfort when doing back extension exercises, rehabilitation treatment postures and deep breathing practice.
BUILT-IN HANDLE & HIDDEN ZIPPER: The yoga cushion is lightweight and portable, and the built-in handle at one end makes it easy to grab and take anywhere to save your energy. The hidden zipper is easy and smooth to use, does not affect the appearance of the yoga cushion and can prevent you from scratching your body by accident.
MULTIFUNCTION: The long yoga bolster is not only perfect for propping yourself up during yoga practice like shavasana, pigeon pose, kegels and beyond to safely relax, reduce joint pressure and relieve lumbar pain, this bolster pillow can also be used as a meditation cushion or relaxation pillow for side sleeping between the knees to help with alignment or under the knees for back sleepers or just reading or watching a movie in bed at night as extra support.
MACHINE WASHABLE: Two removable 100% ECO friendly bolster covers of different material are included in one package, which are recommended to be machine washed in a laundry bag to extend the service time. Comes with a bonus anti-dust drawstring bag, which is convenient for storage when not using., $44.99, $44.99


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