Small Exercise Ball 9 Inch Pilates Ball 9 Inch Exercise Ball Small Pilates Ball Small Yoga Ball Small Exercise Ball for Between Knees Physical Therapy Small Exercise Ball for Thighs

31q7mTGHn8L. AC51VGmUsieLL. AC41Pgj1cJI7L. AC51y28hsfjtL. AC41TCA+iPfGL. AC51C9JC 7MKL. AC, buynow3, ✔ About Small Exercise Ball Size: Small Exercise Ball are made of PVC, so there is a certain shrinkage space similar to a balloon. After expansion, there are some differences in size and diameter depending on the amount of expansion. Yoga can be unified according to the amount of expansion during expansion. The size and diameter of the ball.

✔ About 9 Inch Pilates Ball wrinkle problem: Stacking small yoga balls causes wrinkles, so it takes time for the wrinkles to slowly disappear after inflating into a round sphere.

✔ How to fill the ball: After inflating, plug the expansion port with your finger, place the white air plug near the expansion port, and quickly insert the white plug to fill the small exercise ball.

✔ Advice on using Pilates Yoga Balls: Suitable for various yoga movements and gymnastics exercises that help improve the waist, hips, legs and other body parts,small exercise ball for between knees,small exercise ball physical therapy,small exercise ball for thighs.

✔ How to remove the exercise ball plug: The exercise ball plugs can be removed using the ball plug opener. This is convenient and easy.
【Small Exercise Ball High quality & eco-friendly】Diameter pilates ball 9 inch/23cm; PVC material can be used safely small yoga ball for adults and kids; load resistance 220lb/100kg.
【Non-Slip & Anti-Burst Small Pilates Ball】9 inch exercise ball uses honeycomb foam technology,greatly enhances the anti-slip, anti-burst and pressure resistance of a slightly frosted exercise ball.
【Use scene】9 inch pilates ball is very suitable for yoga training / sports club / yoga studio / physical rehabilitation training / those who need to reduce underweight exercise. Enjoy small exercise ball for between knees,small exercise ball physical therapy,small exercise ball for thighs.
【Product included】1 small yoga ball,2 exercise ball plugs, 1 removers,2 blow up straw,1 storage bag.
【Quality Assurance】Hope you like our exercise ball small, if you have any questions, you can contact us,you get our worry-free 6-month warranty, and friendly customer service., $6.88, $6.88


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