Totruning Ball Yoga Fascia Ball Rehabilitation Membrane Silicone Fitness & Yoga Equipment Yoga Gear Kit (Blue, One Size)

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Especially conducive to ” stretching”
It can muscle tension, enhance core muscle strength, and achieve movement balance. It is an indispensable instrument in modern yoga practice;
Tighten your abdomen
Can improve range of motion and flexibility
1 x fascial ball
Perfect for yoga and pilates
Exercise your abs, arms, legs and back
Exercise your shoulders and back
In asana yoga, if you can’t do asana, you need to assist Yoga props to practice asana.
Keep your tights and hips slim
1 x single ball fascial ball 1 x Hexagonal silicone massage ball
Help yoga practitioners to complete various balance movements;

Help Yoga Practitioners To Complete Various Balance Movements;
1 X Fascial Ball
It Can Muscle Tension, Enhance Core Muscle Strength, And Achieve Movement Balance. It Is An Indispensable Instrument In Modern Yoga Practice;
Tighten Your Abdomen
1 X Single Ball Fascial Ball 1 X Hexagonal Silicone Massage Ball
List Price: $37.50

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