Trideer Extra Thick Yoga Ball Exercise Ball, 5 Sizes Ball Chair, Heavy Duty Swiss Ball for Balance, Stability, Pregnancy and Physical Therapy, Quick Pump Included

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Product Description

trideer, provides you with more durable and reliable exercise balls.trideer, provides you with more durable and reliable exercise balls.

top notch material, safety guaranteed, exceptional durabilitytop notch material, safety guaranteed, exceptional durability

weight capacity 2.200 lbsweight capacity 2.200 lbs




The workout ball made from gym quality PVC material, which can resist up to 2200 lbs, durable and bouncy.Suitable for rigorous fitness workouts, especially strengthening the abdominals, core and lower back muscles.


The Honey Comb Structure of gym ball makes it safer and longer lasting than others.Even if the ball was punctured by accident, it would deflate slowly so that you won’t fall to the ground.


The non-slip lines provide premium grip when you are performing weighted exercises.Perfect for Yoga, Pilates, stretching and CrossFit, also can be used as a desk ball chair or maternity ball.

healthier lifestyle, all in trideerhealthier lifestyle, all in trideer

size chart of trideer exercise ballsize chart of trideer exercise ball

workout guideworkout guide

45/55/65cm 26.3*9.8*5.5 inch 12 inch 9*6*4 inch 8 ft 9 inch

Non-toxic & 6P free PVC Non-toxic, Soft Velvet & Recycled Foam Extra thick fiberglass Premium EVA Foam Durable Polyester Material Non-toxic & 6P free PVC

Exercise, Yoga, Pilates Restorative Yoga & Meditation Pilates, Workout, Rehab Yoga Beginner Set Yoga, Pilates, Physical Therapy Yoga, Pilates, Barre

Colourful your workout routine Deepen Stretch Body Toning & Shaping Safely Support Improve flexibility Core strengthening

Improve balance & flexibility Increased relaxation Improve balance & flexibility Deepen Stretch Improve range of motion Improve coordination & flexibility

Active ball chair Better sleep & Better mood Promote rehab from surgery Pain Relieve Enhancing muscle recovery Back & Spine health

NON SLIP SURFACE – The Swiss ball is not picky at all when it comes to the practice venue – be it home, the gym or outdoors, the premium slip prevention will leave you feeling safe and your movements worry free. Not to mention it’s one-thing-for-all – Pilates, Yoga, pregnancy gymnastics or various other low-impact exercises, you name it. And don’t forget the total body exercise ball HIIT cardio workout!
Office Ball Chair for Fun and Better Posture – Tired of the ordinary office chairs? No worries! We have you covered! Try our Office Ball Chair for a healthier and more active lifestyle. This chair is a magician that corrects your posture and eventually drives your back pain away! Plus, you can even treat yourself with a highly efficient back and abdominal strengthening or some deep stretches that you long deserve during or after work!
EXTRA THICK & TOP QUALITY MATERIAL – Our exercise ball proudly stands itself out among the products of the same class. It is strictly weight tested and can resist up to 2,200 lbs. The strong material is nicely made with non toxic PVC material, thus free of BPA & heavy metals.
EASY TO INFLATE AND PERFECT PACKAGING – Time is money! This exercise ball literally save your life in a hectic world with its quick inflation foot pump that comes with it, as well as 2 air stoppers and detailed instructions for you to follow. Available in 5 sizes, 45cm 55cm 65cm 75cm 85cm to meet your special needs.
Wood or painting are unfriendly to the exercise ball. So please keep the ball away from woodwork, wooden furniture or painted walls. And as cute as they are, your lovely pets could potentially damage the ball with their sharp claws so just a kind reminder to stay away from them when practicing with your ball.
Inflation Instructions: Let the ball sit for 2-3 days after the initial inflation, then inflate it again to allow it to be stretched to the desired size., $21.99, $21.99


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