Trideer Pilates Ball, Barre Ball, Mini Exercise Ball, 9 Inch Small Bender Ball, Pilates, Yoga, Core Training and Physical Therapy, Improves Balance (Home & Gym & Office)

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Product Description

yoga bolsteryoga bolster

Trideer Pilates BallTrideer Pilates Ball

The Mini Exercise Balance Ball is a fantastic exercise tool and one of the essential Exercise Ball Accessories to strengthen key muscles in the abdomen, enhance core health, and improve endurance, flexibility, posture, and balance when used in rehabilitation, strengthening, and toning exercise programs.

barre ball recommended by physical therapistbarre ball recommended by physical therapist

Recommended by Professional Physical Therapists

Small exercise balls are perfect to help improve stability and coordination, maximize strength and endurance, strengthen the core muscles. It’s suitable for yoga, Pilates and physiotherapy.

Trideer Pilates BallTrideer Pilates Ball

The anti-slip design of this mini yoga ball can prevent it from sliding under pressure and make it extra grippy when any force is applied to it, for example, when being squeezed between your thighs during a hip or glute bridge.

Trideer Pilates BallTrideer Pilates Ball

Trideer Pilates BallTrideer Pilates Ball

12 inch 45/55/65cm 26.3*9.8*5.5 inch 9*6*4 inch 8 ft

Extra thick fiberglass Non-toxic & 6P free PVC Non-toxic, Soft Velvet & Recycled Foam Premium EVA Foam Durable Polyester Material

Pilates, Workout, Rehab Exercise, Yoga, Pilates Restorative Yoga & Meditation Yoga Beginner Set Yoga, Pilates, Physical Therapy

Body Toning & Shaping Colourful your workout routine Deepen Stretch Safely Support Improve flexibility

Improve balance & flexibility Improve balance & flexibility Increased relaxation Deepen Stretch Improve range of motion

Promote rehab from surgery Active ball chair Better sleep & Better mood Pain Relieve Enhance muscle recovery

➽ALL-ROUND: The 9 inch exercise ball is one of the essential Exercise Ball Accessories. This bender ball is a pilates ball for exercise that is different from other 9 inch pilates ball. The pilates ball 9 inch strengthens key muscles. The coregeous ball yoga enhances core health. The yoga ball small improves endurance flexibility. The gertie balls are used in rehabilitation strengthening. The mini yoga ball is used in toning exercise programs and relieve back pain and tension at work.
➽PROFESSIONAL DESIGN AND HIGH QUALITY: Small pilates ball is made from soft low-odor flexible. Small exercise ball for core is made from durable PVC. This anti-burst and non-slip 9 inch diameter ball is designed to remain elastic and squishy when fully inflated. Barre ball 9 inch is slightly textured and keep slight sticky to stay in place smooth while performing yoga Pilates ballet HIIT Core ball barre is used in physical therapy exercises and workout.
➽EASY TO INFLATE AND STORE: Barre ball 9 inch can be easily inflated with the tube included and only a few breaths pump not required. Need to quickly insert the plug after inflation. And a mini diameter makes the inflatable exercise ball convenient to carry. Exersize balls large stores suitable for gym Exercise balls & accessories stores suitable for home exercise. Convenient to carry when traveling. Fitness ball is a wonderful choice for kids to play a kickball or playground ball outdoors.
➽RECOMMENDED BY PHYSICAL THERAPISTS AND TRAINERS for valid reasons Mini Exercise balls for women are perfect to help people to improve stability and coordination. Stability balls for exercise maximizes strength and endurance. Small yoga ball strengthens the core muscles. Meet the needs of physical therapy.The work out balls for abs strengthens physique.The small exercise ball for between knees promotes blood circulation.The core ball beachbody are used in Physical Therapy Plan.


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