Vivora Luno Exercise Ball Chair, Canvas & Felt for Home Offices, Balance Training, Yoga Ball

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Product Description



Luxury Sitting Balls

Introducing Luno – the feather-light, round office chair changing desk lives everywhere. With Luno, you can sit comfortably engaged atop the finest sitting ball ever, and you’re going to be surprised by how comfortable it is! Think of Luno as one of those normal yoga balls in a fine dress or a tailored suit. The premium anti-burst PVC inner ball’s pressure is contained by one our tightly fitting, meticulously crafted covers; it’s like nothing before its time. Luno stays round, doesn’t deform under weight, and has just enough give for your toosh. A Vivora premium, anti-burst, PVC inner ball comes with every Luno cover!


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Standard Luno vs Max Luno

Standard Luno

The standard Luno is our one-size-fits-most sitting ball chair. Fully inflated, the standard Luno measures 22 to 24 inches and is optimized for desk heights of 29 inches or less. We recommend the standard Luno for customers that are between 5 feet 6 inches and 6 feet tall, or shorter if you prefer a leaning experience.

Max Luno

Fully inflated, the Max Luno measures 25 to 26 inches and works well for customers that are 6 feet or taller. The Max Luno is optimized for desk heights of 29 inches or taller and will fit most standard desks.




Encourages good posture

While sitting, standing, and walking upright won’t give you a bodybuilder’s physique, developing the use of these smaller core muscles will enable your body to balance easier in all activities. If you slouch, Luno rolls away giving the user a gentle nudge to practice balance and core muscle engagement.

Perfect for pregnancy

Every Vivora Luno makes for the perfect birthing ball. Sitting, doing figure eights and hip gyrations, and bouncing atop Luno throughout pregnancy can help relieve the associated excruciating back pain. Even just sitting atop luno gently opens the pelvis and hips which can encourage optimal fetal positioning before and during labor.

Take it anywhere

Thanks to its lightweight design and convenient carry handle, you can take Luno anywhere. Take it camping, on a picnic, to a concert, over to a friend’s house, or where ever else life takes you!

The premium anti-burst PVC inner ball’s pressure is contained by one our tightly fitting, meticulously crafted covers that provide a more comfortable surface to sit on that is machine washable.
Sitting on a Luno circle ball chair engages abdominal and leg muscles, which will tone and strengthen those muscles over time.
Luno makes itself at home with any style décor and adds that extra bit of flair you’ve been looking for!
If anything is wrong with your Luno, we’ll replace it – if you don’t like it for any reason, we’ll refund you your money up to 6 months after your purchase., $54.99, $54.99


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