With Every Atom Yoga Exercise Mat – Thick Non-Slip Vegan, Eco Friendly Microfibre For Mens & Womens Workout, Sweat-Activated, Sustainable, Extra Long Hot Pilates Equipment Travel Or Home Cardio

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Satisfied Customers Say They Can Stretch With Confidence Thanks To No-Slip Grip This yoga mat features With Every Atom’s No-Slip Grip for enhanced comfort. In fact, fans say they feel more confident trying new stretches without the slipping that is common with traditional mats Comfortable Yoga For All Shapes & Sizes With This Inclusive XL Sized Mat With Every Atom’s premium yoga mats come with inclusive XL Sizing. These mats are a roomy 26.7in. by 72in. This means you’ll feel comfortable (no matter your size), especially if you’re just getting into yoga. Fans Say They Feel Good Buying This Natural, Eco-Friendly Alternative To Cheap Rubber Mats With Every Atom yoga mats are crafted with the environment in mind, with eco-friendly features such as… ★ 100% Natural Rubber Base ★ Chemical-Free Water-Based Inks ★ Included Biodegradable Travel Pouch Microfiber Suede Keeps You Focused, Without The Uncomfortable Sweat Buildups This yoga mat features our ultra-absorbent, microfiber suede top. This top wicks up moisture, aiding in sweat management and providing you with a gentle surface for a secure grip, even with sweaty hands or feet during hot yoga. Vibrant Designs Let You Stand Out In The Yoga Studio As you scroll through the pictures, you’ll see a variety of stunning, stylish designs that allow you to show off your unique style. But Don’t Take Our Word For It… Add a With Every Atom Yoga Mat to your next yoga session, and see for yourself why fans are enjoying a comfortable, stylish mat that gets compliments whenever they bring it to their studio.
NO-SLIP GRIP (FOR HOT YOGA CONFIDENCE): Satisfied Customers say they enjoy how they can feel confident trying new stretches compared to traditional mats, thanks to the cutting-edge No-Slip Grip for enhanced comfort, even while doing downward dog during hot yoga
INCLUSIVE XL SIZING = YOGA FOR ALL: With Every Atom is proud to offer our premium yoga mats with XL Sizing, making it easier for people of all shapes and sizes to get into yoga, without feeling uncomfortable on their own mat
ECO-FRIENDLY VEGAN, ALL-NATURAL RUBBER BASE: This yoga mat avoids the harsh chemicals, and instead crafted a vegan with water-based inks and eco-friendly base of 100% natural rubber that is heat bonded (so it won’t stretch during warrior pose) and your mat even has a biodegradable travel pouch
MICROFIBER SUEDE KEEPS YOU SWEAT-FREE: Unlike cheap rubber mats, your new yoga mat uses our ultra absorbent, microfiber suede top that aids in sweat management, while giving you a gentle surface for a secure grip, even with sweaty hands and feet
STAND OUT WITH VIBRANT DESIGNS: As you scroll through the pictures, you’ll see a stunning variety of stylish designs that allow you to show off your unique style; in fact, fans say With Every Atom mats are always getting compliments when they walk into the yoga studio
List Price: $89.99

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