XGYLVFEI 65cm Sitting Ball Chair for Office, Dorm, and Home, Pilates Exercise Yoga Ball with Cover, Lightweight Self-Standing Ergonomic Posture Activating Exercise Ball Solution with Handle and Pump

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Product Description



It’s about time you start looking forward to sitting at your desk

Introducing XGYLVFEI- the feather-light, round office chair changing desk lives everywhere. With XGYLVFEI, you can sit comfortably engaged atop the finest sitting ball ever, and you’re going to be surprised by how comfortable it is!


Rigid Air Seat

Think of XGYLVFEI as one of those normal yoga balls in a fine dress or a tailored suit. The premium anti-burst PVC inner ball’s pressure is contained by one our tightly fitting, meticulously crafted covers; it’s like nothing before its time.XGYLVFEI stays round, doesn’t deform under weight, and has just enough give for your toosh. A XGYLVFEI premium, anti-burst, PVC inner ball comes with every XGYLVFEI cover!


Relieve Lower Back Pressure, Improve Focus and stay active while seated.

Sitting still for long periods takes a toll on our joints and leaves us with sore muscles.XGYLVFEI breaks the mold of the traditional office chair because it is round. Experience the freedom to wiggle, bounce, and shift all day long; pivot while you sit for happy joints and muscles!


Desk Chair / Fitness Tool / Ottoman

XGYLVFEI can also be used in your daily fitness routines and functions perfectly as an exercise ball for use during balance training, yoga, or Pilates! When you’ve finished your busy day, sit back on the couch and take the weight off of your feet using XGYLVFEI as a handsome, modern ottoman.


Host Guests in Style – Deflate for Storage Anywhere!

Foldable chairs are bulky, ugly, and take up too much space in storage. Take your hosting to the next level with XGYLVFEI – deflate for compact storage, or keep them inflated all the time for stylish auxiliary sitting around the house!

Beautifully designed active sitting solution.Be active – effortlessly and anywhere!Activate your core; strengthen your abdominal muscles and improve your posture while relieving back pain.Perfect for yoga, balance training, or any other exercise.For use at home, in the office, in the classroom, or on the go!All-in-one Product: high-quality, anti-burst yoga ball and hand pump included!

1.XGYLVFEISIZE DIFFERENCE: minimum desk height of 26″ is required for the size. Measure your desk before purchasing! It is the Original Active Sitting Ball Chair Solution for use at the office, home in the living room, classroom, or the gym. Suburb complimentary ergonomic alternative sitting stool solution for desk sitting and standing desk
2.XGYLVFEIPosture & Health: Activates back and core support muscles which promotes good posture and can potentially relieve back pain for Adults and children. Comfortable substitute for pregnancy birthing ball, labor ball, or Medicine ball
3.XGYLVFEI: Perfect for ab engagement, yoga, back stretching, posture workouts, therapy, and physioball balance training routines, also promotes flexible joints for healthy lifestyle.
4.XGYLVFEIPatented: Patented Self-Standing base design with a weight limit of 400lbs and extra thick carry handle makes the seating the perfect combination of a swiss fitball and ergonomic office chair. And two matiral are avaiable: rough felt and super fiber cloth.
5.XGYLVFEIPacked: There is a yoga ball with one more air plug , a ball cover,a pump for inflation and also a instruction. Some effort needed for set-up, use included accessories (hand pump /air pump adapter) to inflate inner sitting ball until outer cover is completely filled. Please contact us if inner ball appears to be too small or pumping takes longer than 20 minutes.
6..XGYLVFEI: Remarks: Before inflating, please open the zipper and leave a 3cm hole for inflation. Please install and use the zipper in accordance with the instructions and the product main picture video to increase the strength and inflate the inner ball to make it large enough.
7..XGYLVFEI:Because of the photography and the monitor reason, cannot accept the chromatic aberration the buyer please discretely to purchase, thank the cooperation., $48.88, $48.88


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