X&W 8 inch Exercise Ball, Small Exercise Ball Mini Yoga Ball, Pilates Ball 8 in with Needle Pump, Core Ball Barre Workout Anti Burst 8” Ball for Stability Physical Therapy Fitness

31x WhsNuAS. AC41ErXo7lzGL. AC41zwnk10inL. AC41dUD4PrF5L. AC41mG97VnYjL. AC412Kc q6l0L. AC, 8 inch Exercise Ball, Exercise Ball Small Yoga Ball, Pilates Balls 8 in with Needle Pump, Barre Ball Anti Burst 8″ Ball for Workout Fitness

Gym Anti Burst and Slip Resistant Balls with Hand Air Pump

Material: PVC

Weight: 100g

Size: Diameter 8″/20cm

Color: Pink, blue, purple

Features: Anti Burst

Needle Pump is supplied

What You Get: 1pc/2pcs/3pcs exercise balls set

Q: How to inflate?

A: 1. Insert the pump tips in the holes of ball

2. back and forth, pushing the handle, like piston movement

3. When inflate finished, pull out the pump directly

Q: How to deflate?

A: 1. Remove the needle from the pump

2. Insert it into the ball hole, air will escape, deflate automatically

3. If you want to accelerate the deflation, you can squeeze the ball with both hands

Q: Where is the needle?

A: In the handle of the pump

Please note: The tip is so sharp, so keep it away from Kids
8 inch Exercise Ball. Mini fitness exercise ball kit with hand pump, pump was included and having the needle contained in handle, portable, easy to travel with
8 inch Ball. Easily and completely inflated, update inflate way, keep longer, no leak, fill with enough air and keep it firm, NO longer hard to keep the air in, NO ‘When removing pump, air escapes’
Exercise Ball Small. Pilates workout, physical therapy, suitable for abdomen, between knee, legs, ankles and pelvic floor, address lower back pain, hunched shoulders, overall aches and pains, recovery therapy for the injury in spinal and pelvic exercises
Small Yoga Ball. To deflate, insert the tip of the included pump, before this action you need to remove the needle from the pump, in spin way. Then gently apply pressure to the ball. Air should gradually escape. Remove the needle pump once the desired inflation is reached
Pilates Balls 8 in. The exercise ball is great for yoga, pilates, bally, physiotherapy or family sports etc, strengthe your posture, body balance, conditioning and shaping muscles, weight training, core training, flexibility and stretching, surgery recovery for chest, back, hip, leg, abdomen etc, $14.09, $14.09


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