Yoga Ball (45cm-85cm),Exercise Ball,Yoga Ball Chair, Extra Thick Anti Burst,for Pilates Balance Stability Workout,Pregnancy Birthing and Physical Therapy(with Quick Pump)

51QioOc4KOL. AC51WTUl6V7mL. AC5159C5tPlOL. AC51fTCS4qJzL. AC51Ytk zyB3L. AC, ✿The main function of the yoga ball

☞Yoga ball exercise is suitable for all people to exercise: it enables the exerciser to avoid strong impact on the joints during exercise and avoid sports injuries. Some people with lower back injuries may not be able to do sit-ups because of lower back injuries, but when doing yoga ball exercises, you can use soft yoga balls to help athletes do exercises.

☞Yoga ball exercise helps to train the balance ability of the human body: athletes who use the yoga ball to get off the ground must first maintain the balance of the body. If the ball does not roll, it must be controlled by the strength of the legs, waist, and abdomen. The coordination and the ability to control muscles have been effectively trained.

☞Yoga ball exercise has a massage function: the yoga ball is made of soft PVC material. When the human body is in contact with it, the inflated yoga ball will evenly touch the contact parts of the human body to produce a massage effect, which is beneficial to promote blood circulation .

☞Yoga ball exercise can correct your sitting posture: when a person sits on the ball, the body is not relaxed, and your back, buttocks, knees and other parts are still constantly making subtle adjustments to keep yourself balanced. Sitting on a yoga ball, athletes will involuntarily straighten their waists and stretch their shoulders back. This is the body’s instinctive response to prevent falls, and it is also a correct sitting posture.

Material: PVC
Color: pink/blue/silver/purple (optional)
Diameter: 45cm/17.7in, 55cm/21.6in, 65cm/25.6in, 75cm/29.5in (Optional)

✿Packing list:
1 *Yoga ball
1 *Air pump
☑[Thickened explosion-proof]: Yoga balls for kids classroom, the standard explosion-proof thickness can resist punctures in all directions to a greater extent, and prevent air from leaking from the ball, and it can be safely deflated. The surface is dotted with fine embossed lines. Even in the case of heavy sweating, the yoga ball is easy to hold, effectively preventing you from slipping, and preventing it from rolling during use.
☑[Easy to use]: Yoga ball chair is easy to inflate and has a perfect packaging. The quick inflating foot pump included in the convenient box can save time and energy.
☑[More uses]: Yoga ball office chair is suitable for Pilates, yoga, balance and stability training, and relieves women’s back pain during pregnancy and promotes the delivery process of pregnant women. It can also be used as an office ball chair to correct your Sit and relieve back pain.
☑[Buy without worries]: We insist and believe in our yoga ball chair! If you have any questions, please contact us and we will provide you with a full refund or replacement., $13.69, $13.69


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