Yoga Ball, 65cm Exercise Ball Fitness Balls Stability Ball Anti-Slip & Anti- Burst for Yoga,Pilates, Birthing, Balance & Fitness with Workout Guide & Quick Pump

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A Smarter Way To Shape Up Your Body – Let Our Exercise Ball Workout set to Take Your Workout to The Next Level .


Yoga Ball Yoga Ball


exercise ball exercise ball

Ball Chair

Exercise ball is suitable for many different exercises. Not only can it be used for Pilates, yoga, back and abdominal training and pregnancy gymnastics or the hundreds of low impact exercises, but also can be used as office ball chair to improve your posture & relieve back pain.

Birthing Ball

Use as a Birth Ball in early pregnancy to help position the baby to induce labor. Movements performed on the exercise ball will move the pelvis into a favorable position and relieve labor pain and pressure during contractions.

Exercise Ball

Learning to control and strengthen them is necessary as it helps maintain good posture and alleviate back pain.The exercise ball can help you stretch and tone your pelvic and abdominal muscles.

exercise ball 65cmexercise ball 65cm

All the things you need is One Box To Get Great Health Rolling :

Exercise Ball: Call it any way you want it — yoga ball, exercise ball, birthing Ball, fitness ball, stability ball.Removable Stability Base: choose to anchor the ball in the removable PVC base to add stability .Hand Pump: Inflate the ball easily to the maximum circumference to save your time and energy. Resistance Bands : a convenient effective way of increasing mobility and strength .Massage ball : designed to release tight and tense muscles, increase blood circulation.Ball Tape Measuring : A thoughtful addition to ensure that perfect size.Workout guide: with detailed explanations and easy to understand pictures. Jump Rope: makes it easy to achieve maximum fat burn and reach peak fitness anywhere. (Please note:the rope’s color is random.Blue, green and black )Other Accessories : Ball Plugs and Removal Tool

Please Note:

1.The exercise ball could be inflated fully to fit the base,or you could inflate it to any size you want.

2.You could lay it a while after fully inflating the ball for removing the crease.

Professional Grade : Our Exercise Ball are made of gym grade heavy duty quality and top durability. The stability base ensures reduced movement of the ball, crucial for perfect form when working out. This multi-purpose home gym system that has everything you need to support your fitness goals ! Let you get a full body workout – chest, arms, back, shoulders, legs and abs.
Anti-Burst Construction & Anti-Slip Exterior : Feature in anti-burst & anti-slip design which can be loads up to 2200 lbs and packed with non-toxic PVC material and 100% free of BPA . Our Yoga Ball will maintain shape and bounce, help you to increase muscle flexibility and strengthen and tone the entire body. This Fitness ball will deflate slowly if punctured or over loaded .
Versatile Use :This fitness ball is perfect for Yoga, Pilates, abdominal exercises, pregnancy gymnastics , chest presses, crunches ,core training and other work out. Can be used for Exercise Ball, Birthing Ball, Fitness Ball, Stability Ball, Balance Ball, Yoga Ball .It will help to release your back pain, strengthen your core muscles ,improve your posture, enhance your coordination and balance and lose weigh.
Ideal Exercise Ball for Home and office use: Gym Ball allows you to work out anytime anywhere from the gym to the home or office. It helps to Increase muscle flexibility and strength and tone the entire body. Get back into shape and achieve balance and flexibility with the help of this well-made exercise ball. Also can help burn calories and improve core strength when used as a ball chair.
Package & Service : Our Home Gym Set comes with 1* 65cm Exercise Ball, 1 *Removable Stability Base, 1* Quicker Inflation foot pump, 5* Fitness Resistance Bands, 1*Workout Guide, 1*Jump Rope, 1*Ball Type Measurer, 6*Air Stopper & Remover, 1*Message Ball. Besides ,we provide 90-Day Money-Back., $43.99, $43.99 - $36.99


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