Yoga Mat And Pillow Set, Yoga Mat And Pillow Back Cushion For Massage And Stress Reduction, With Carrying Bag

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Product Description

Relief Acupressure MatRelief Acupressure Mat

Yoga Mat and Pillow Set, to provide you with complete relaxation, while reducing pain, aches, stress and tension

There are 200 patterns on our pads (5800 plastic protrusions in total), safely distributed in various areas, each plastic protrusion becomes sharper but does not cause you pain, it only makes you feel more relaxed and comfortable, soothing your pain more effectively.

Working Principle.

The Yoga Mat uses the principles to release endorphins to prevent pain and help relax the muscles in your back, neck and feet.

Just lie down and melt into the pain-relieving pressure mat!

Pillows are aligned to pressure points in the neck to relax the muscles throughout the body

Bring the lightweight Yoga Mat and Pillow Set to relax your body anywhere




Take the Yoga Mat and go out to relax and soak up the sun

The Shiatsu set includes a carrying bag. When you go out or travel, you can wear a yoga mat very lightly.

During a tiring journey, use our pads to help you relax stress and fatigue, allowing you to enjoy a pleasant and relaxing trip

Good helper at work

At work, we need to sit in the office for a long time, which can easily cause neck and back pain.

When you put the yoga pad on the back of the chair and lie down after get off work, it will help you release stress and relax yourself.

Especially in the back, the neck muscles are relaxed and the pain is relieved

Stress-relaxing cushions are indispensable at home.

Homework is a two-point line, lack of exercise, you only need to lie on a mat at home for 10 to 25 minutes a day to relax. Resting can help relax muscle tension and backaches.

In addition, the package also includes two massage balls, which can be placed on the soles or back of your feet to help you relax your body better.

YAKARIO Shiatsu pads and pillowcases-relax every part of the body and relieve discomfort




Back Massage

Sit and Relax

Footsteps Massage

A full range of massage. The shiatsu kit includes pressure pads and pillows. You can use the complete kit in a variety of ways. It can be used as a back cushion, cushion or yoga mat for relaxation, work stress, fatigue, tension and more.
Unique pattern. The cushion has updated style and has a more scientific design to help you relax your muscles. Each shape has 29 plastic protruding points. There are a total of 200 patterns on the acupressure pad (5,800 plastic protruding points in total) that can be safely distributed throughout the area. Each plastic protrusion point gets sharper, but will not cause you pain, only greater relaxation and comfort.
Easy to Carry: The massage set is light and portable, and it is also equipped with a portable bag for easy cleaning and storage. Ideal for men and women to participate in yoga, office or long-distance travel
Easy to use. Just lie on the mat for 10-30 minutes a day to help rimproving energy flow for a revitalizing and rebalancing effect.Made of high quality cotton, foam and plastic, a cushion of sufficient size to fit your entire back. The kit includes a back cushion and a headrest
We use lotus-shaped that massage your skin, muscles, and body to revitalize your energy levels and create a more balanced, euphoric mood.If you want to get rid of tiredness and fatigue and reactivate your body, choose our most complete product. Enjoy the exhilarating feeling of your body being reactivated and revitalized.Taking time for yourself–to center your energy on yourself, $30.99, $30.99


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